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January/February 2015

We are truly fortunate to have Carol Wick, Dr. Barbara Jenkins, Kathy Ramsberger and Marla Silliman in our community. These ladies have all had a huge impact in the areas of social services, education, the arts and healthcare. But more than that, they are leaders who passionately believe in their missions.

2013 Orlando Women's Conference

The American College of Sports Medicine annually surveys more than 3,800 fitness professionals across the world to identify fitness trends. At this time of year, millions of gadgets are sold, and within three months, they are usually no longer used. The ACSM tries to focus on what items are effective. Devices that people will continue to use because they are user-friendly.


If you missed out on the holiday opening of this gem, don’t worry there is plenty still in store. Park Avenue retail veteran (J McLaughlin and Lilly Pulitzer) Meredith Gardner teamed up with Emily Williams, who has a passion for home design, to create this local haven filled with gifts, clothing, accessories, children’s items, and home accessories and furnishings. It’s like a mini department store.



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